We build world's best AI-powered SEO Suite

There is more to SEO than just exceptional content. That is why we built a solution, which helps you to optimize your overall website performance.

SEO AI Content Creation Feature

Idea Generation

SEO AI SEO Audit Feature

SEO Audit

SEO AI Idea Generation Feature

Content Generation

With every new feature, we change how companies do SEO.

We never intended to sell a solution, rather than to solve our own problems. SEO AI was created out of the need to achieve higher rankings for another company we own.

We found that our strongest competitor had around 40,000 pieces of content and was way more visible in search than we were for relevant business keywords. It was clear that we could never compete manually, so we created our first AI to help us generate enough content to outrank our competitor – and we succeeded.

Only later we learned that other companies would also appreciate a tool like ours. We were instantly motivated and built the first version of our WordPress plugin. Now, a few months later, our company has grown to more than 30 employees, over 200 clients, and thousands of highly profitable keyword rankings.

But we do not stop there! We understand that we have the potential to revolutionize the way marketers do SEO today and beyond, and with every new feature, we will create new possibilities for our clients to step up their SEO game and achieve the rankings they deeply desire.

Mikael da Costa

Chairman SEO AI

“A marketer using AI will always out­perform a marketer not using it.”

SEO AI team members

Within our team, you will find everything but the ordinary. We are a group of highly focused and curious individuals, eager to dream big and achieve the seemingly unachievable. We believe that ‘impossible’ only exists within things that are perceived as such.