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SEO AI Case Study – Personal trainer Pontus Bäckman boosting organic traffic

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In the past quarter, the website of PT Pontus, led by Pontus Bäckman, the Swedish country manager for SEO AI, experienced a significant increase in organic web traffic, leads, keyword rankings and sales.

The results in a nutshell

  • Organic Traffic: The use of SEO AI was instrumental in achieving a 5571% increase in organic traffic year-over-year.
  • Qualified Leads: The strategy also led to a significant increase in qualified leads, with a 2660% rise in the first quarter of 2024 compared to the same period in 2023.
  • Keyword Rankings: The website began ranking on 759 new, relevant keywords, enhancing its visibility to the target audience.
  • Sales Growth: The increased traffic and improved lead quality contributed to noticeable growth in sales.

This case study delves into the strategic implementation of WP SEO AI, an artificial intelligence tool designed for search engine optimization, which facilitated this notable improvement in PT Pontus’s online visibility within the personal training and health services industry.

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More Information

Difference: 5571% increase in incoming traffic.

Initial Challenges

Before the intervention, PT Pontus’s website suffered from low visibility online. It had limited organic traffic, ranked for a negligible number of keywords, and saw minimal engagement and conversion. The majority of its lead generation efforts were focused on social media content creation, a strategy that was proving increasingly inefficient and resource-intensive.

Before working with SEO AI

  • Non-existent traffic
  • Not ranking on any keywords
  • Struggled with social media and spent countless hours trying to get a lead for the company.
  • Almost no converted leads via the website.
  • No pages indexed or visible in the top 20 results on Google.

Strategic Intervention

The turning point for PT Pontus came with the adoption of an AI-driven strategy for content creation around the middle of 2023. This move was strategic, aiming to leverage the capabilities of SEO AI for optimizing online content. The results were immediate and profound, leading to sustained growth in web traffic and a marked improvement in the site’s search engine rankings.

Comparison of Q1 2023 vs. Q1 2024

Development of organic traffic & keywords

Comparison number of leads before and after SEO AI

Difference: 2660% increase in incoming leads.


The cornerstone of PT Pontus’s strategy was the innovative use of SEO AI in conjunction with a content strategy focused on establishing topical authority and targeting micro-keywords. This approach not only elevated the website’s SEO performance but also streamlined the content creation process, making it more efficient and less dependent on manual efforts.

Implications and forward-looking Statements

The success story of PT Pontus underscores the potential of AI in transforming SEO strategies. By adopting innovative technologies like SEO AI and focusing on content that resonates with their target audience, businesses can achieve substantial improvements in their digital marketing outcomes.

PT Pontus’s journey from digital obscurity to prominence is illustrative for companies aiming to enhance their online presence. The strategic use of AI in SEO and content marketing offers a blueprint for achieving sustainable growth in today’s competitive digital landscape.

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